TRENDING TOPICS of the 2021 edition

  • First and Second Generation of the European satellite navigation system Galileo

  • Modernization of the US Global Positioning System

  • Status and modernization of the Russian Global Satellite Navigation System GLONASS and the Chinese Beidou System (BDS)

  • Developments of regional systems like the Japanese QZSS and the Indian IRNSS

  • Modern Agriculture under the use of GNSS

  • Sensing the Earth‘s atmosphere and surface with GNSS

  • Autonomous systems, related legal issues and related PPP technology

  • Galileo and the civil use of the Public Regulated Service (PRS)

  • Megaconstellations, Kepler, SSV, future trends and technologies for PNT

  • Impact of COVID-19 on GNSS

…and many more up-to-date topics on GNSS!