TRENDING TOPICS of the 2022 edition:

  • First and Second Generation of the European Satellite Navigation System Galileo

  • Modernization of the US Global Positioning System

  • Status and modernization of the Chinese Beidou System (BDS)

  • Developments of regional systems like the Japanese QZSS, the Indian IRNSS and the Korean Positioning System (KPS)

  • Use of AI within the navigation world and its implications

  • Jamming, spoofing, interference, and countermeasures; understanding secure Galileo services (OSNMA, PRS)

  • GNSS and the new race to the Moon; upcoming space mission related to PNT

  • Advanced technologies for PNT (quantum, optical) even beyond Galileo 2nd Generation

      …and many more up-to-date topics on GNSS!

      The Galileo High Accuracy Service will be addressed in selected sessions!

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