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Exhibitors 2024

We would like to thank all exhibitors for their strong support! 

Our Exhibitors in 2024


hensec offers solutions for special security requirements. Its focus on radio and electronics includes innovative systems for radio monitoring, drone defense and GNSS spoofi ng detection. With hardware and software made in Germany / made in EU, hensec supports authorities, industry, critical infrastructures and business to strengthen their security.


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IFEN GmbH, founded 1998, is a leading provider of GNSS navigation products and services.

IFEN is offering for 15 years a full product portfolio for GNSS ‘Test & Measurement’ (GNSS NCS NOVA RFsimulators, SRX test receivers) as well as ‘Research & Development’ (SX3 software receiver, GSPF simulation, data processing and analysis tool).

In addition IFEN is offering for 25 years a broad service portfolio including development and operation of customer driven test beds (Galileo 2G SIS Test Bed), facilities (Galileo UERE Monitoring facility UMF) andperformance test benches (for EGNOS system integrity), but also specific algorithms and software development for GNSS positioning and integrity.

IFEN’s new leading edge product ‘NCS NOVA+’, is setting new benchmarks for GNSS RF simulators in capability, scalability, flexibility and performance, being designed to provide a sophisticated test solution to thedifferent users for their specific markets. IFEN has outstanding satellite navigation know-how since 25 years. 

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The Galileo Competence Center supports Europe by providing the best possible navigation technologies for its citizens. We work together with the scientifi c institutes and facilities of the German Aerospace Center, as well as other industrial and research partners. One of our main goals is realizing new concepts and technologies for eventual use

or commercialization by industry. Our in-depth knowledge across the whole of the Galileo system allows us to act as a facilitator and advisor to various stakeholders and contribute signifi cantly to the development and enhancement of Galileo.


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The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, Germany, conducts world-class research on microelectronic and IT system solutions. Research at Fraunhofer IIS revolves around “Audio and Media Technologies” and “Cognitive Sensor Technologies”. In the context of cognitive technologies the IIS experts research technologies for sensor technology, data transmission technology, data analysis methods and the exploitation of data as part of data-driven services and their accompanying business models. This adds a cognitive component to the function of the conventional “smart” sensor. The results of this research have been applied in the areas of connected mobility, communication and for the Internet of Things, digitalization of human sensing, product and material monitoring, and business analytics in supply chains.

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We have been offering Spirent‘s test solutions for PNT (Positioning, Navigation, & Timing) systems to our customers in German-speaking countries since 2001. Current topics at Spirent are flexible simulation systems for LEO PNT and Lunar PNT.

Lange-Electronic GmbH is located in Gernlinden, a suburb of Munich. For more than 40 years we have been providing high-precision time and frequency systems as well as GNSS test and monitoring systems.

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Safran Trusted 4D, a Safran Electronics & Defense company, is the world leader in Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions that improve the reliability, performance and safety of critical, remote or high-risk operations. Our vast industry experience along with our comprehensive, market-leading Navigation & Timing portfolio aim to deliver the most accurate and secure PNT solutions for sea, land, air, space and cyber applications around the world.

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With more than 20 years of expertise, SYNTONY GNSS offers unique location solutions allying software-Defi ned Radio (SDR) and state-of-the-art RF Analog front-end. Specialized in radionavigation and embedded systems, SYNTONY is the world leader in its fi eld, and is present in several rapidly growing markets. SYNTONY has developed a range of

cutting-edge products (GNSS simulators, receivers and underground GNSS coverage extension) to meet the growing needs of the aerospace, transportation, and mining industries.

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DLR is the national aeronautics and space research center of the Federal Republic of Germany. Its Institute of Communications and Navigation develops and investigates new systems and methods for radio transmission and positioning. These are widely used in broadcasting multimedia contents as well as for internet connection of airplanes

and remote areas. In satellite navigation the Institute puts emphasis on the verifi cation, support and evolution of the European Satellite Navigation System Galileo. Using latest optical technologies for synchronization, communications and ranging the institutes develops the system KEPLER – a novel concept of satellite navigation systems – and supports Galileo 2G and LEO PNTdevelopment. Besides system development the institute is active in developing technologies for

safety-critical applications, which require a reliable and robust positioning and/or timing information, and for positioning in urban canyons, indoors and other challenging environments. The institute operates several verifi cation and analysis facilities and is engaged in relevant standardization and expert groups e.g. at EC, ESA, ICAO, RTCA, EUROCAE,

IALA, IMO etc. Visit our webpage at for learning more about our missions, work and career opportunities

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