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Lange Electronic - Spirent preferred Partner

Lange-Electronic GmbH is located in Gernlinden, a suburb of Munich. For more than 40 years we offer systems that generate, distribute, simulate, display or evaluate precise signals, like time and frequency, GNSS or RF signals.
Since 2001 we serve our customers in the German-speaking area with Spirents test solutions for PNT (Positioning, Navigation, & Timing) developments.
Spirents GNSS Simulators deliver realistic GNSS signal simulations. With a selection of high performance software tools, the signals and the reaction of the device under test can be displayed in 3D environments, completed with sensor inputs and integrated in HiL systems.

Introduction to GNSS Simulation & Testing with Spirent
Update and expansion of the high-precision ensemble clock KL-3400
SimIQ - I/Q Capture & Replay for Spirent GNSS Simulators
Product Overview GNSS Simulation - please klick here
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