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“As a decentralized body of the European Union, the European GNSS Agency, manages the public interests related to the EU’s flagships satellite navigation systems, Galileo and EGNOS. The GSA’s mission is to support  the European Union objectives and policies and achieve the highest return on Galileo and EGNOS, in terms of benefits to users, economic growth and competitiveness. To do so, the agency provides, safe and secure, satellite navigation services to a growing group of users in Europe and around the world.


Staffed with 200 vetted professionals, comprising satellite engineers, legal practitioners, market development professionals, communications experts and administrative employees, the GSA uses R&D and other EU financial instruments to foster the development of applications across various market segments such as aviation, maritime, agriculture rail, geomatics and more.


With the transition to EUSPA, the European Union Space Programme Agency will take on board  the commercialization of new and innovative Copernicus services and the coordination of the EU’s forthcoming intergovernmental satellite communications programme GOVSATCOM.”



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