GALANT – DLR’s proposal for jamming and spoofing resilient GNSS reception in safety critical applications

Future navigation applications require a high degree of availability and reliability of satellite-based navigation receivers. Particularly, jamming, spoofing and multipath signals may cause a significant degradation of the performance and thus make it impossible, to obtain exact and reliable positioning data. These restrictions and uncertainties cannot be tolerated for Safety-of-Life (SoL) applications e.g. in aeronautics and shipping. In order to overcome this problem, DLR initiated the development of GNSS receivers for such applications. Those receivers employ innovative technologies in time, frequency and spatial domain to detect, characterize and mitigate harmful signals. Adaptively steered antenna arrays, which enable the use of new beamforming and signal processing algorithms, are key element. They provide a more exact and reliable navigation solution, by suppressing interferences and multipath signals and improving the reception of the authentic signal from the direction of the satellite.

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