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Validate GNSS Systems with German Precision Engineering!  


WORK Microwave’s Xidus GNSS Simulator is the obvious choice when validating GNSS receivers and other GNSS systems of systems.


All benefits of Xidus GNSS Simulator at a glance:

  • Multi-GNSS, multi-frequency and multi-RF signals out of the box – for any position on earth

  • Perfect reproduction of received signals with world’s best RF signal quality

  • Most modern GUI technology & features with Xidus-Studio Software

  • Advanced remote support and update service, remote training and even remote scenario execution

  • Integrate bespoke generation blocks into the signal generation path with Xidus’ innovative signal extension and enhancement (SEE) technology. 

  • Easy and robust field upgrades with plug and play module insertion

Do you have questions on Xidus? Don't hesitate to ask us!



Xidus-424 GNSS Simulator is fully capable of multi–constellation, multi-frequency simulations for a wide range of test scenarios. It has up to 128 LOS channels and 512 multipath channels and two RF outputs. It has very wide dynamic power range configurability and supports all GNSS frequencies and signals and update rate up to 100Hz. 


Learn more about Xidus-424

Xidus-648 GNSS Simulator is a high end GNSS Simulator supporting all current and future GNSS signals. Its high signal purity even at 1kHz update rate provides perfect test solutions in integrated system tests. Its features include up to 256 LOS channels and 1,024 multipath channels and four RF outputs.


Learn more about Xidus-648

Xidus-Studio client software is a very powerful configurator and viewer of Xidus GNSS simulator. Xidus-studio connects to the server on which the Xidus Core application is running. It provides everything for testing GNSS systems: different vehicle models with 6DOF, multiple vehicle simulation, spoofing and meaconing, multiple TX antenna patterns, multiple RX antenna patterns, industry standard error models and runtime distortions on individual channels. Xidus-Studio also allows the design of bespoke satellite orbits ranging from LEO to GEO. It offers very flexible configuration tool supported on both Windows and Linux platform.

Learn more about Xidus-Studio

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